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June 12, 2009



New World Record!


Technical Characteristics

Compact, lightweight, powerful.


System Composition





Electronics (Inverter + DC/DC)


Aux Lithium Battery


Hydrogen fuel cell


H2 line and valve




H2 reservoir

(75l x 350atm)


Systems Layout


Hi Performance PEM Fuel Cells

  • 60kW Total Power

  • More than 1kW/kg Power Density

  • Special Pneumatic circuit for Altitude Compensation

  • Avionics Integrated Cooling System


Hi Pressure Hydrogen Reservoir

  • 22.000 liters (normal) capacity

  • 350 Bar Pressure Storage


Innovative Electric Motor

  • Brushless Technology

  • Power Density > 2kW/kg

  • Ultra Compact Dimensions

  • Liquid Cooled

  • Propeller Direct Drive Coupling

Manufactured by:


Electronic Flight Information System

  • Full Custom

  • Fully Integrated

  • Fuel Cells Auto Monitoring

Manufactured by:


Sito in Italiano


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