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June 12, 2009



New World Record!



The Background


On earth 15% of population now utilize 60% of energy and 50% of available sources. Around 85% of earth polutation is entering, on different levels, an industrialization process. Every year 25 billion of emissions are produced. This represents the most impressive uncontrolled scientific experience carried out by mankind.

To guaranty a safe future for the growing generations, we have to develop renewable energy sources. Air transportation produces 600 million tons CO2 and is responsible for 10% of emissions. According to the most recent surveys, energy requirements for air transportation will raise by 250% by 2020.

The evolution of stocking systems for electrical power has recently been accelerated by the huge demand for electronics consumer goods which has led to the availability of batteries characterized by a very high capacity per unit weight.
In addition the search for ecological solutions for the production of chemical energy has highly stimulated scientific research in the fuel cell sector which finds in hydrogen the ideal element because of energy capacity and environmental compatibility.
Electrical motors have already surpassed internal combustion engines both for efficiency and dimensions. They have today a very high degree of reliability and long life thanks to modern brushless technologies.
Electronic control systems allow today to modulate RPM and torque with dynamics which are far beyond what it is attainable in reciprocating engines.

These boundary conditions represent the ideal condition to initiate applied research projects finalized to develop electrical propulsion systems.


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