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With Maurizio Cheli together for an outstanding goal

Team Work

A private companies, university and public administration collaboration.


The SkySpark is coordinatedl by DigiSky, an engineering company specialized in R&D innovative technology for aeronautical applications.

[ www.digisky.it ]
Digisky is the group leader company who has conceived the project and follows up the coordination. Specialized in the planning and production of avionics advanced systems and integrated on board equipments. Besides the Project & Construction Management, Digisky supplies the EFIS system (Electronic Flight Information System) dedicated to the aircraft and the on board electronic automation systems.

Politecnico di Torino
[ www.polito.it ]
The new DigiSky R&D headquarter is located within the Turin Polytechnics University I3P center for innovative companies. DigiSky has been selected by an evaluation comittee to be part of this companies/university development programme, giving the opportunity to accelerate new projects. DigiSky can therefore take advantage of the university ressources such as:

  • Department of Space Engineering (DIASP)

  • Department of Electrical Engneering (DELET)

  • Department of System Production and Company Economics (DISPEA)

  • Department of Automation and Computer Engineering (DAUIN)

  • Department of Energetic Engineering (DENER)

Environment Park
[ www.envipark.com ]
Svolge le attività di bench-marking tecnologico per la selezione di componenti ed apparati innovativi, gestisce le prove a banco del gruppo cella con relativi sistemi di stoccaggio; garantisce l'approvvigionamento dell'idrogeno per la sperimentazione.


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A Challenge by: DigiSky Srl - Italy - P.I./C.F. 09535510011